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About Us


Monica - Owner of SOS and Designer

Monica founded SOS in July of 2012.  She believes that you should be surrounded with things  that bring you joy - NOT with clutter.  She also loves the old saying "a place for everything and everything in its place."  She also believes that organization should be available to  everyone - which is why she strives to keep rates at SOS affordable.   Monica also loves Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Batman.  When not running SOS, she can be found on stage around Chicago, or teaching voice lessons from home. Call SOS and she will match you with one of our amazing organizers to best suit your needs. 


Erin - Specialties: Offices, Paperwork, Kitchens, Spreadsheets, Holiday Planning & Gift Wrapping

 Erin joined the SOS team in 2017 and is ready to organize -  highlighters,  drawer organizers, and label maker in hand! As the oldest of four with a Type-A personality, organizing is in her blood.  She's worked over 15  years as a caretaker with experience in healthcare, personal assistance, and even the fine arts.  She's the proud mama of a portly puggle named Wrigley and loves reading, cooking, and meeting new people! 


Callie (Vice President) - Specialties: Decluttering, Basements, Closets, Offices and Storage

Callie is no stranger to organizing! She has a lot of experience helping people with emotional attachment to clutter. Callie is an empathetic, supportive mentor when it comes to letting things go. She firmly believes in the importance of a "happy space", and strives to help everyone she works with create one. Let Callie help you save the things you love, donate the things you don't, and live the most efficient, organized, and peaceful life possible! 


Matt - Specialties: Personal Assisting, Picture Hanging, Furniture Assembly, Life Coaching and Spreadsheets

Matthew hails from the bluffs of Wisconsin and brings with him his hard work and can-do attitude. No task is too big or too small if it gives you a sigh of relief and puts a smile on your face. He has a  background in Marketing and Psychology and has worked a variety of  capacities throughout the city of Chicago. Need something picked up or dropped off? Got it. Heavy things moved? Done. Things input into excel? With pleasure. Matt is also on his way to becoming a life coach. Outside of organizing, he loves knitting, walking / hiking, and traveling!  


Veronica - Specialties: Spreadsheets, Computer Organization, Event Planning, On-line Shopping, Administrative Tasks and Paperwork (Bilingual)

 Veronica's work as a freelance theatre stage manager has prepared her well to  tackle all of your organizational projects! She believes in finding  organizational systems that are functional and easy to maintain above  all else. When she's not working, Veronica enjoys napping, reading,  catching up with friends, and rom-coms.  Veronica also speaks both Spanish and English fluently.

About Us


Abbey - Specialties: Closets, Decluttering, Kitchens, Bathrooms, and All General Organization

Abbey joined the SOS team in 2019 but has been a passionate organizer since a young age. Closets and kitchens are her forte, but can tackle any task that you need help with! Abbey is originally from Minnesota,  has a strong background in Project Management, and when she isn't  organizing she loves to travel, attend concerts, and spend time with  family & friends. She is looking forward to meeting you & helping you achieve your organizational goals! 


Meredith - Specialties: Bookshelves, Paperwork, Closets and Decluttering

Meredith finds profound peace in organization and order, and loves  helping others find that same peace! Whether it’s sorting and filing  paperwork, a general decluttering of a space, or making sure all of the  shoes that have been tucked away in your closet for years are finally  visible, Meredith loves bringing functionality to your home. In her time  away from waving her organizational wand, Meredith is a Chicago actor and singer who can be seen onstage, on screens both big and small, and  in commercials. She is also passionate about yoga (she loves a hot yoga class whenever the opportunity arises!), songwriting, goal-setting, and  meditating.  


Jacquelyne - Specialties: Packing, Drawers, Interior Design, Living Rooms, Playrooms, Decluttering and Errands

Jacquelyne loves the joy that comes from accomplishing a task or goal, and helping others find that joy is her ultimate favorite! She believes that our work and living spaces are our own personal sanctuaries, and wants to help you create your own! With a keen eye for interior design, she loves to make a space functional while also finding ways to make it  beautiful. Have a room that needs decluttering and a new purpose? She's your gal! She has experience as a personal assistant and can help with  just about any errand. She tackles packing like a game of tetras and  finds happiness in even the smallest of tasks. When she's not helping  you with your projects, you can find her on Chicago musical stages or hanging with her husband and their pals!