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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I tidy up before my appointment?

No.  We want to see the space as is it currently being used on a daily basis.  This will help us to see what is and what is not working.  It will also give us some insight as to which items you use the most frequently, so we can be sure to make those items the most accessible.

What should I do in preparation for an SOS visit?

We strongly recommend buying or ordering a variety of drawer organizers and baskets - depending on the area of house we are organizing.  By having you choose the item, you are far more likely to want to use it as it will fit your style. You may also want to purchase labels and file folders. We also strongly recommend NOT buying storage tubs, as they are often difficult to get open when you need to put something away.  Instead we recommend a drawer system.  If it is not convenient to put back in the right won't end up there!  My favorite places to find drawer organizers are Target, Amazon, Ikea and the Container Store.  Most of these places will allow you 30 days to return what you do not use, so it is always best to stock up and return unused items, rather than run out halfway through a project. 

Do you provide estimates?

No.  It is far too difficult to say how long a job may take.  Two offices that are the same size may take very different lengths of time to organize.  One may be filled with papers that need sorting, while the other may only need to reconfigure a desk layout.  This is also why we work on an hourly basis, and not per project.  That way you are only paying for time the organizer has spent working at your home.  

How do you handle payment?

We currently accept checks made payable to "Serenity Organizing Solutions".  In some rare cases we can also accept cash.  Our goal is to begin accepting credit cards in 2019, but there will be a service fee for this option.  Payment is always due at the time of service.  

Is there a minimum appointment time?

Yes.  To accommodate both the client and the organizer, we have a 3 hour minimum appointment.  Less than 3 hours would risk not finishing a project or task, and it would also not be worth the commute for the organizer.  Also, if an organizer is working at your home for 4 or more hours, they will need at least a legal 15 minute break.  A longer length of time and the organizer may also need to break for lunch.   

Do you offer discounts or deals?

We offer a deal of a lower rate for our new clients on their first visit.  After that, they may choose to purchase prepaid packages.  These packages are worth their weight in gold as they offer a lower hourly rate for the same service, as well as ensuring that you will take the time to schedule the next appointment to complete the transformation of your home....since you already paid for it!  Prepaid packages do not expire (though we recommend using them within one year) and can be mixed and matched with any regular organizer.  They come in 10 hour or 20 hour increments. 


Do you clean homes?

No, but SOS does have a partnership with a cleaning company: Best Friends Cleaning in Chicago.  Ask for Brenda.  Mention SOS and Monica and you will receive a special discount.  

Are you a moving company?

While we frequently help people to pack and unpack their homes prior to and after a move, we are NOT a moving company with trucks and movers.  We do however have a business partnership with Movetastic Movers in Chicago.  Use the code "Serenity" to receive free wardrobe rentals for the clothing in your closet during your next move.  

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes.  However, a person needs to be ready and willing to organizer their home before someone calls SOS for them.  Think of it as the equivalent of getting a gym membership or a diet book as a gift.  Some people might be offended by having someone else decide they need help.  Purchase with caution!