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Bindu A - Chicago IL (Old Irving Park)

"Being a mother of three, I’ve got a busy schedule and I find that I can’t  organize everything in my house the way that I’d like. Thank goodness for SOS! When we moved into our home, I asked for their help to organize the mountain of boxes of books in our living room. She accepted the task and our bookshelves were full and thoughtfully organized in no time! Since she was so amazing with the books, I had her tackle my craft closet next. Every type of craft was separated into its own location and now it’s easy to find just what I need when I need it! Organizing the kids’ clothes as the seasons change is also a huge task with three kids. Monica had no problem sorting through piles of clothes for each of my kids and switching out clothes for the current season with those from the previous season and packing them away in containers. Having an organized home has made a huge difference in my life. SOS has done a great job at my house and will do the same at yours!"    

Jacqueline S - Evanston, IL

"Serenity Organizing Solutions has incredible organizers and I can't recommend them highly enough. I have worked with several of them. They are super organized and efficient. They were also very respectful and open to working with our whole family to come up with systems that worked for us. They are extremely creative and have come up with great ideas about how to best use our space. It has been great to work with them and to start to organize our home. When my son walked into the house after their first visit of only a few hours, he said 'it’s like we have a new house'." 

Sonia L - Chicago, IL (Albany Park)

"Hannah was fabulous.  She really takes her time and makes sure that everything is done exactly the way you want it.  Monica makes sure to get you scheduled in quickly and the entire team is so friendly.  I really enjoyed my experience and already have my next appointment booked!  I would highly recommend this team to anyone who has any size decluttering or organizing project they would like to handle!"     

Melissa Y - Chicago IL (Lincoln Square)

"I had a great experience with SOS. I had a short, 3 hour appointment and was able to clear out half of a room that I have not been able to get through in years. Not only did they help me clear out the room, but also find places to put the items I kept, which is the step I always skip when alone. That was key to moving forward was the placement of the remaining items some where else in an organized, easy to find manner. I can't wait to tackle the rest of my problem areas. Thank you!!!"   

Brad S - Chicago, IL (Gold Coast)

"I am very grateful to Monica and SOS.  Throughout 2016, they were amazingly helpful when they organized my entire office. I actually will want to hire them again throughout 2017 as I need help. Monica is so sweet, and her staff is very professional and good at what they do. I highly recommend them." 

Lisa Jo A - Chicago IL (Logan Square)

"Hannah is wonderful!  She does not need (to be) micro-managed and does a great job making sure everything gets organized and has a place.  With a 4 & 6 year old, my house was over taken by toys.  Everything looks great!"   


Daphne R - Chicago, IL (Irving Park)

"I love these ladies! I've worked with almost all of them. Currently they come weekly. When they don't, my life falls apart. The best part for me is that they will work independently. Other organizers I've worked with require you to work alongside them, that's pointless for me. They're reasonably priced too."